Test results

How long do I need to wait for my results?

The time it takes for your results to arrive back at the surgery can vary depending on the type of test you are having.

If you have been referred to have a test elsewhere (such as an X-ray or ultrasound scan) then you will be informed during your appointment as to how long your results will take to be sent back to the surgery.

If you have your test done in the surgery, we usually find your results are returned to us within the following time periods:

TestAverage wait time
Blood tests3 to 5 days
Urine and faeces samples3 to 5 days
Cervical smears3 to 4 weeks
Nail clippings3 to 4 weeks

Will you contact me when my results are back?

If the doctor needs to discuss your results with you then we will contact you. There are many reasons why the doctor may wish to speak with you about your results so please do not worry if we call you to book an appointment.

We do not call patients directly if your test results are normal or satisfactory.

You can always find out the results of your tests by using the NHS App or by calling the surgery on 0151 652 6077 (Miriam) or 0151 639 2635 (Earlston & Seabank) after 2pm.

We are unable to give out test results to anyone other than the patient unless permission has been given by the patient for us to do so.

Why do I need a test?

There may be times where a doctor has requested you have a test to gather further information about a particular symptom you may be having, to monitor your medication, or just as a routine check.

Where do I go to have my test?

Blood tests are carried out in the surgery by a healthcare professional. Blood samples need to be sent to the laboratory early in the afternoon so we usually take blood tests in the morning.

If you require a diagnostic test (such as an X-ray or CT scan) then we will refer you to a local provider.

Page last reviewed: 11 March 2024