Sick notes

What are sick notes?

If you’re off work sick for more than 7 days, your employer will usually ask for a sick note (also referred to as a fit note or Statement of Fitness for Work) from a healthcare professional.

Request a sick note

To request a sick note, you can:

If you already have an existing sick note and need this to be extended for the same condition, our reception team can put this request through to the doctor for you without you needing to book a telephone consultation.

Sick notes can be collected from the reception desk after being processed, or we can send you a digital copy of your sick note via a text message. Please let our reception team know which method you would prefer when you order your sick note.

What if I’m sick for less than a week?

If you are sick for less than a week (5 working days), you do not need a sick note from a doctor and can instead complete a Statutory Sick Pay form. More information can be found here at the GOV.UK website.

Page last reviewed: 10 June 2024