Proxy access

What is proxy access?

Proxy access is where the surgery gives someone (often a friend, family member, or carer) secure access to another patient’s GP services so they can help them manage their health and care. The proxy is given their own online access account (rather than using the patient’s login details). It is often used by parents or recognised carers of young children, and recognised carers of adults.

A proxy may be able to help the patient by:

  • ordering repeat prescriptions
  • booking appointments
  • contacting the surgery or speaking to surgery staff
  • viewing test results or vaccinations
  • accessing all or part of the patient health record to help with health-related tasks and managing health issues

Reasons for needing proxy access

Reasons for wanting or needing help could include:

  • having a physical or mental health condition
  • technical barriers, such as not having a computer or a smartphone
  • language barriers if it’s not easy to access services in English
  • practical reasons such as working shifts or unsocial hours
  • a child may need a parent to manage their GP services

How to arrange proxy access

If you would like to give proxy access to someone, or wish for someone to have proxy access to parts of your medical record then please get in touch with our reception team, either in person or by calling us on 0151 652 6077 (Miriam) or 0151 639 2635 (Earlston). Our team will make sure the person giving access understands and agrees to it, where needed.

You may both have to fill in a form and prove who you are using photo ID. We will then decide what access (if any) is appropriate, and make the changes needed in our clinical system to set it up.

Page last reviewed: 16 May 2024